01. ExpoFlorestal organizes with partner forestry equipment companies (Cimertex and ForestCorte) a competition of forwarder operators, which aims to:

  • Promote the brands and equipment of partner companies;
  • Create connections at ExpoFlorestal that benefit and increase the visibility of the sector;
  • Dignify forestry work and attract potential workers.

02. ExpoFlorestal provides a dedicated area for the competition, which consists of two parallel obstacle courses along which various tasks will be performed:

  • Loading 5 logs on the left and 5 logs on the right side of the machine. It can only be loaded one log at a time, but the order is arbitrary. After loading all the logs, the participant moves to the next task.
  • The gate. The gate is a row of small logs spaced 0.5 m between them. The task is to extract three trunks (about 5 m long) through the gates (0.5 x 0.5 m), without destroying the gates, and to load the trunks. For each gate that falls down, 2 penalties are recorded. After completing this task, the participant moves on to the next.
  • The tower. The operator has to build a tower, consisting of four logs (about 0.4 m long, 25-50 cm in diameter). The operator can choose the stacking order, but it is advisable to start with the larger logs. In the beginning the logs are arranged in an upright position. If a log is knocked over, it should be lifted with the claw. The tower should stand until the claw is moved back to the forwarder body in order to complete the task. Only then will the judge accept the task and allow the progression to the final task.
  • The final task. 5 logs should be loaded on the left or right side of the machine (depending on the lane). The last log should not be lifted – just captured with the claw. At this moment, the time measurement is stopped.

03. Each partner company will provide a piece of equipment, which they will suggest, as well as an operator / technician from the company, who will accompany all the competition participants during their manoeuvres with the respective equipment.

04. The competition will take place under the principle of a duel between two simultaneous competitors, but the final classifications will be attributed with points (time / penalties) in each Equipment Brand.

05. Up to a maximum of 24 professional forwarder operators or reload tractor operators shall be admitted, provided they submit a statement from their employer attesting to their status as a forwarder or reload tractor operator and that he / she has the necessary training / experience for participating in the competition.

06. At the time of registration, candidates will select their hierarchy of preference in the use of the available equipment, and the Organization of the competition will assign the machines to the operators according to the date of registration and to the preferences they selected.

07. Registrations must be submitted to the expoflorestal e-mail ( by the end of May 17, and it comprises the following elements that must be sent:

  • registration form available at the expoflorestal website.
  • statement referred to in the article 5 above.

08. The competition will take place on Saturday, May 18, 2019, in the period between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm, at the ExpoFlorestal venue. On May 17, there may be free training opportunities, provided that they are properly articulated with the Organization.

09. The following prize will be awarded to the winner by equipment Brand:

  • Cimertex: ___________
  • ForestCorte: _________

10. The jury of the Competition consists of four elements – representing ExpoFlorestal and the two partner companies – and will have the power of unilateral decision on any question / dispute arising during the competition.