Cookies Policy

The EXPOFLORESTAL website uses cookies. Here we explain what they are.

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Question: What are cookies?

They are small computer files created during your visit to the website with information about your navigation. Cookies are sent to your browser and are stored on your computer.

Question: What are they for?

The information stored in cookies is used to:

  • make your next visit to the website faster, more efficient and more convenient;
  • facilitate the processing of billing and postal delivery of your purchases on the website;
  • produce traffic statistics of users and other navigation data.

Question: What kind of cookies do we use?

  • Essential: they allow access to secure areas of the site through login. Without cookies, this feature cannot be made available.
  • Functional: they allow the preservation of user preferences and customizations.
  • Analytic: they allow you to analyze the actions taken by the users of the site. In this way we analyze the quality of our services and improve the user experience on the next visit, identifying popular pages, browsers used, number of hits by geographic region, etc.

Question: How can I manage cookies?

All browsers offer the user the opportunity to accept, decline and delete cookies. To do this, follow the instructions of the browser you are using. After you authorize the use of EXPOFLORESTAL cookies, you may disable them in whole or in part.