Privacy policy

General Terms
  • The company Futur Forest, ACE., hereinafter referred to as FF, is responsible for the website, hereinafter referred to as Expoflorestal, for its contents and for the information and promotion of the ExpoFlorestal Fair. All content was provided by FF to the company Páginas Apetecíveis Unipessoal Lda, which developed the site Expoflorestal.
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Data collection
  • FF may collect user and customer data through the use of forms.
  • FF collects navigation data in Expoflorestal from users and customers through cookies (see cookies policy).
  • In order to be registered in the reserved area of ​​the site, the customer must accept the cookies policy of Expoflorestal and provide personal data to FF such as: name, address and email.
  • FF safeguards the privacy of user and customer data collected at Expoflorestal.
  • At any time, users or customers may request the FF to remove their personal data stored in the FF databases, which they can do through the email
  • The sending of Expoflorestal newsletters can be canceled through a specific link to that effect located in the footer of every newsletter.
  • All questions, suggestions, corrections of data or other communication about personal data and privacy policy should be addressed to FF at the email
  • Users or customer should address complaints about the use of their personal data by FF to the Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados (
Access to data collected
  • FF shares personal data of users and customers exclusively for payment processing, shipment processing and statistical data processing entities, except for information required by judicial decree.
  • No personal information will be publicly disclosed without the express consent of the user or customer.
  • Notwithstanding the good privacy practices that FF follows, the user or customer should be informed that no service on the internet is flawlessly safe from criminal or illicit activities.
Sharing content on social networks
  • By clicking on social media sharing buttons available at Expoflorestal, the user will publish the selected content in their profile.
  • Expoflorestal will not have any access to the username and password of the user.
  • Expoflorestal is not responsible for the pages in social networks, or in other platforms, in which its contents are shared.
Changes in privacy policy
  • FF reserves the right to change the terms of this privacy policy without prior notice. Therefore, it is advisable that you check it regularly so that you are always up to date.